tick, tick… BOOM!

23rd to 31st March, 2007

tick, tick… BOOM! is a musical written by American composer Jonathan Larson, best known for creating the musical, RENT. It tells the story of an aspiring composer named Jon, who lives in New York City in 1990. Jon is worried he has made the wrong career choice to be part of the performing arts. The story is autobiographical, as stated by Larson’s father in the liner notes of the cast recording– Larson had been trying to establish himself in theatre since the early 1980



John                   David Sharp
Susan                 Fiona McD Gallacher
Michael             Chae Rogan



Director          Linda Corrin
Producer        Julie Bates
Musical Director       Tyson Armstrong
Choreographer         Chelsea Byrne
Stage Manager         Kassandra Hobbs
Lighting and Sound        Tim Verdon
Spotlight Operator        Ben Verdon
Stage Crew        Eliza de Vet, Fleur Lee-Sharpe, Marion Dill, Dennis Paterson
Costumes       Julie Bates
Set Construction         Dennis Paterson, Matthew Talbot, Cast & Crew
Programme / Poster Design          Michael Bond
Program Photos        Julie Bates
Ticket Design          Nyla Collis
Publicity         Derek Corrin
Box Office        Christine Corrin, Liza Allen


Keyboard       Tyson Armstrong
Guitar       Atanas Janackovski
Bass            Brett Williams
Drums      Sally Wiggins