The Lamplighters do not at this stage have any set fee structures but perform three types of events:

  • Community Service Concerts
    • These are general requested by Retirement Villages, Day Cares and other similar groups looking for entertainment when there is not any ticketing. Also special charity events. For these events no fees are asked for but any donation is always welcome.
  • Externally ticketed events
    • Events when the hosts booking the concert sell tickets or charge for admittance. For these events no specific fees are asked for, but it is expected that the hosts will make a donation from the sales income.
  • Concerts organised by the Arcadians Lamplighters Male Choir with or without other entertainers, choirs etc.
    • These are the Lamplighters’ main events when performing venues are hired, e.g. The Regent, Ribbonwood or larger venues, or special Miner’s Lamp Theatre concerts. These events are ticketed by the Arcadians Theatre group and sold through the Arcadians’ box office. The Lamplighters would love to entertain everybody who loves to see and hear them for nothing but unfortunately they have to pay their way both within the Arcadians Theatre Group to maintain a successful home at the Miner’s Lamp, to be able to buy expensive music and uniforms, and to cover all other special Lamplighters’ expenses.

BOOKING ENQUIRES to BARRY SWAN on (02) 4284 2763 or Email