27th August to 11th September, 2010
The Arcadians' Miner's Lamp Theatre

DUSTY – THE ORIGINAL POP DIVA is a musical based on the turbulent life and times of Dusty Springfield.

Director—Chae Rogan
Producer—Koby Cupitt
MD—Lisa Thrift
Choreographer—Kate Black
Assistant Choreographer – Lauren Thrift

Show season 28th August – 11th September

In the 1950s a star-struck, plain and dumpy London schoolgirl imagines she could become a glamorous movie idol. Her parents tell her that her fantasies will never come true and not to dream the impossible dream. But nothing deters her, and blessed with an amazing voice and talent, she sets out to become a singer and star. Soon, plain Mary O’Brien has transformed herself into the blonde pop icon, Dusty Springfield. But while Dusty, the gorgeous blonde star, is the image the world sees, it is an illusion behind which little Mary O’Brien still lives; the alter ego from which Dusty can never escape and who remains with her throughout her life.
In the 1960s Dusty Springfield takes the entertainment world by storm with a score of hits, a top TV show and a legion of fans. She was the most influential British female artist of the 60’s. Known as the White Lady of Soul, she was responsible for bringing the Motown sound to the UK. But the success she wanted is hollow and real happiness eludes her. Driven by her sense of perfection, Dusty takes on the world even as she discovers a desperate need to be loved in a way that could cause her career to crash. At the pinnacle of international success, with triumphs in Britain and America, Dusty finds the pressure unbearable. Unable to be what other people expect, and finding the spotlight’s heat can burn, she retreats from the world into a dark place.

Finding strength in adversity, Dusty returns to soar to the top. With the world applauding again, she has one more battle to fight.

Cast List:

Dusty – Lisa Thrift

Reno – Juliette McGowan

Mary O’Brian – Ainsley Oates

Kay – Maggie Thomas

O’B – Ron Seymour

Tom – Adam Fisher

Rodney – Murray Baker

Peg – Margot Doran

Ensemble (in no particular order):

Megan Spillett

Brittany Cann

Bernadette Sirl

Ashley Edgar

Allana Vial

Rhienna Vaccaro

Rosie Goderie

Rose-Anna Rusbourne

Ralphy Walter

Nikki Adams

Mitchell Croutch

Sophie Downling

Tori Allen

Mazz Hererra

Bec Glover

Congrats to all successful auditionees. We look forward to putting on a fantastic show with you ALL!