President’s Message – Welcome to 2022

As you read this “When the Rain Stops Falling” is in its final week of rehearsals and looking very enticing already. How appropriate a choice for first show after COVID and it’s raining as well! Peter Scrine has assembled an excellent cast and production team to stage the show and await to welcome you our audience back. Book now!

ACT is in full preparation for its production of Xanadu JR. opening end of April. Watch out for the announcement of tickets going on sale. They will sell fast so stay vigilant.

The Monday Maintenance Men, Lamplighters, Costume ladies and Props staff have all returned to there usual time slots to continue their excellent work in maintaining and improving our wonderful facilities. We are an extremely fortunate Group to have so many members willing to give up their time to make Arcadians a better place for everyone to enjoy. Please feel free to join in if you can spare the time. I’m sure you would be most welcome.

Attached is further details of our Annual General Meeting coming up on March 27. I do look forward to catching up with as many of you that can attend. It’s your participation in the Group’s activities that keeps us ongoing – for many years to come!

The full AGM Notice with papers will be posted on our website 14 days prior to the AGM.

Steve Sanders