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Conditions of Auditioning

Prior to auditioning you will be asked to complete and sign an audition form. By signing the form you are agreeing to a commitment to the show, which includes the following:

  1. I understand that if my audition is unsuccessful I must accept and respect the final decision of the production team.  Any further discussion about the audition process must be made formally through the Committee’s Liaison Officer.
  2. I will be available for rehearsals on the days and times scheduled by the Director.
  3. If I fail to attend more than two rehearsals without approval from the production team my role in the production could be terminated.
  4. I am available for the whole season of the show.
  5. I understand that I am part of a team and am required to attend occasional working bees to assist the progress of the show.
  6. I may be asked to arrange to complete aspects of my own costumes.
  7. I understand that my commitment to the show is complete and the “show must go on”.
  8. I understand that my costumes, makeup and hair designs will be determined by the respective production staff and I agree to abide by their artistic requirements.
  9. I understand that if I am selected for the cast, I may be required by the Arcadians Theatre Group to complete A Working with Children Check in compliance with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian legislation.
  10. I agree to pay the appropriate fees to join and be a member of the Arcadians Theatre Group as set by the management committee from time to time.  As a member, I am bound by the Rules and By-Laws of the group laid down from time to time and, upon cessation of my membership; I have no claim against the assets of the Group.
  11. Punctuality to all rehearsals, events and performances will be expected.
  12. I will be responsible for the condition of any items allocated to me as part of the production (e.g. Costumes).  I will be responsible for paying the replacement cost for any lost and damaged items.

If you cannot comply with all these requirements, please discuss with the Director/Producer prior to auditioning so the possibility of your audition can be discussed.

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