Jekyll & Hyde

9th to 24th March, 2018
The Arcadians' Miner's Lamp Theatre

This is the classic story based on the Robert Louis Stevenson immortal novel. A story of Love, Murder and Insanity, beautifully told in this sweeping musical.  Jekyll and Hyde contains some of the most beautiful music written for the stage, some of the songs are:
This is the Moment
In his Eyes
Someone like You
Dangerous Game
A New Life

Production team:

Director Malcolm White
Musical Director Jesse Cleal
Choreographer Natalie Bazun-Coates
Producer Patricia Green
Light/Sound David Greer
Stage Manager Cilla Aslanidis
Set Design Paul Greer / Malcolm White
Costumes Nyla Collis
Props Marie Mitchell-Stanley
Make up Brigid Bohackyj- Olivia Michelle

Cast announcement:

The audition team was very impressed with the preparation people had put into their auditions – many not using scripts or scores at all!  The standard was high but unfortunately the cast could not accommodate everyone, but we thank you all for your efforts.

Congratulations to all our successful people….we will see you all on Monday night at 7pm.


John Utterson                                                 Lachlan O’Dea

Sir Danvers Carew                                         Darryl Bryant

Henry Jekyll Dual role also Mr Hyde              Daniel Kenyon

Simon Stride                                                   Hayden Callaway

Lady Beaconsfield                                          Clare Greer

The Bishop                                                     Jason Ayers

Lord Savage                                                   Jaiden Thomas

Lord Glossop                                                  Damien Morley

Sir Archibald Proops                                       Alex Kleyn

Emma Carew                                                  Rebekah Mowbray

Lucy Harris                                                      Lauren Eade

Nellie                                                               Katherine Akele

Spider                                                              Steve Paterson

Pool                                                                 Andrew Gobran

Bisset                                                               Conor Healey-Green


Mikaela Hiscox                                               Flower seller

Kieran McKinnon                                            Policeman/Dancer

Victoria Verhelst                                             Gossiping woman

Joshua Chicharo                                            Butcher

Mathew Varga                                                Paperboy/Dancer

Conor Healey-Green                                      Labourer/Dancer

Kate Belcher                                                   Washerwoman

Laryssa Sutherton                                          Washerwoman

Dimity Quinlan                                                Gossiping woman

Elliot Moss                                                      Doctor

Marion Dill                                                      Gossiping woman

Heather Mitchell                                             Washerwoman

Rosie Goderie                                               Dancer/Prostitute/Nurse

Rebecca Virtu                                                 Dancer/Prostitute/Nurse