10th to 25th November, 2017
The Arcadians' Miner's Lamp Theatre

DOGFIGHT is the first book musical by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the song writing team who have just won the Tony Award for their Broadway sensation ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ and Academy Award Winners for their work on the movie musical ‘La La Land’.


Dogfight which is based on the 1991 film starring River Phoenix, won the 2013 Lucille Lortel Award for outstanding musical is about to set the Miner’s Lamp Theatre stage ablaze this November with its bittersweet story and haunting score.


The story is set in 1963 San Francisco, the day before the John F. Kennedy assassination. Marines Boland, Bernstein and Eddie Birdlace are best buddies who are shipping out tomorrow for the as-yet-little-known country of Vietnam. Largely clueless about what their futures hold, the guys set out on a wild all-night spree. But first, the men must compete in the “proud” Marine tradition of the dogfight, a high-stakes contest to see who can scrounge up the ugliest date (the women, of course, are oblivious to the fact that they are the butts of the evening’s heartless entertainment).


Eddie doesn’t question the remarkably cruel custom until he asks appealingly sincere waitress Rose to be his date. Stricken with shame when Rose learns the secret behind the night, Eddie set out to make amends – and an unlikely romance results.


Wednesday 5th July 7:30 – The Miner’s Lamp Theatre



Wednesday 12th July from 7:00pm and Saturday 15th July from 1:00pm – The Miner’s Lamp Theatre

15 minute individual appointments.


Character Descriptions



Monday & Wednesday nights and Sunday’s leading into production week.

There will be a break in rehearsals during August.



10 – 25 November 2017


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Director Juran Jones

Musical Director Lisa Baraldi

Choreographer Danielle Linegar

Producer Melissa Jones

Stage Manager Cilla Aslanidis