For the children it means turning up to rehearsals and participating.  We learn a song and dance a week plus we block scenes.  Missing a rehearsal means that you fall behind in the process and if we have to keep going over the same thing because people are absent then we fall behind in our schedule and this effects the show.  Therefore if you miss more than four rehearsals you may be asked to leave ACT that’s why it’s important to let either the Director or Producer know if you are going to be absent for whatever reason.

For our parents joining ACT is a big commitment. We rely solely on the help and participation of the parents.  While you don’t need to be at rehearsals each week you are asked to put your name on a roster to run canteen and help supervise the kids each week.  If all parents help out it usually means you only need to do this once during each show rehearsal period.  Also we need parents to become part of the production crew helping out with props, hair and make-up, costumes, stage crew, backstage, publicity and whatever others tasks need to be done to get this show on.  So when deciding on whether your child should join ACT please understand that you too are joining and making the commitment.