Hair The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

22nd July to 6th August, 2016
The Arcadians' Miner's Lamp Theatre

Before Superstar, before Tommy, there was only one rock musical, the one, the only, HAIR.

The Arcadians Theatre Group is proud to present HAIR, now in its 50th year and still as relevant as it was when it was written.

HAIR is the story of youth rebelling in the early ‘60s against the Vietnam War and the establishment that could send them off to war to die for their country and yet would not give them the right to vote.

We meet the “TRIBE”, a group of young people who want to live a free life of love, peace, and drugs. They are faced with the prospect of the Draft and retaliate by burning their Draft cards. One of the Tribe, Claude Hooper Bukowski, is conflicted by the Tribe, his parents, and his underlying drive/desire? to do the right thing.

Claude breaks from the group and is called- up, with a tragic outcome, leaving us all to wonder about the futility of war and to ask the question why?

HAIR  features  great music – from the classic opening song Aquarius, to Good Morning Star Shine , Hare Krishna , Where Do I Go, Let the Sun Shine In and 51 other songs that will be instantly recognisable, as you listen. In fact, there were more number one hits from HAIR than any other rock musical.

HAIR is a very enjoyable trip down memory lane and a great nostalgic look back to a lost time in history and yet somehow is still relevant today.

People who remember HAIR from the ‘60s will remember the famous nude scene. HAIR was not originally written with a nude scene.  This was added as a protest when HAIR moved to a different theatre later on.  The world has moved on and 50 years later, we will be presenting HAIR as it was originally written, with no nude scene and instead focussing on the great complex story that was written.

Because of the use of moderate language and drug references, HAIR may not suitable for audiences under the age of 12.



22nd July to 6th August 2016

Hair – Cast Announcement

Sheila                           Jesse Cleal

Berger                          Nathan Flint

Claude                         Michael Zelvis

Jeanie                          Allegra Wilson

Crissy                           Isobel Rabbidge

Dionne                         Primrose Gorringe

Ronny                          Gillian Meers

Margaret Mead            Gillian Meers

Woof                            Aidan Morrissey

Hud                              Ralphy Walter


Tribe  Winnie Abali, Natalie Bartlett, Andrew Gobran, Belinda Green, Byron Leitch, Daniel Manzini, Donevan Moss, Joshua Ridge, Genevieve Sutton, Alanna Vial, Alyce Tayla Wall, Sarah Worthington, Brian Wellings.


Thank you to everyone who auditioned. We have a wonderful cast and we are very keen to “get this show on the road!”

Malcolm made a small error – rehearsals will actually commence on Monday May 2 at 7pm sharp.

See you all then.

Hair – Production team

Director Producer                          Malcolm White

Musical Director Vocal                    Lisa Baraldi

Musical Director Band                     Meryl Jackson–Kew

Choreographer                                 Natalie Bazun-Coates

Choreographic Consultant             Greg Shand

Stage Manager                                 Cilla Aslanidis

Lighting / Sound Design                  David Greer

Stage Design                                     Malcolm White /  Paul Greer

Costumes                                           Nyla Collis

Make up                                              Maria Trikkis

Properties                                           Marie Mitchell Stanley