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Divine Divas

Divine Divas was a fundraising concert to celebrate the wonderful women that make up the Arcadians theatre group.  What a fabulous weekend – we raised $2,773 towards our termite problem.  We had a 147 people attend.  Many thanks  to Adam Foster, Pat Green and David Gallacher for steering this venture into a great success.  Kudos of course to the brilliant women that participated, such a great process, turning up with their songs ready to go. We are so lucky in this group to have so much talent.  Thank you to all who attended and participated, hopefully we can do more of these in the future. The feedback from attendees was all positive and our performers were grateful for the opportunity to perform, to do their own thing, t’was lovely.

Community Forum to discuss IPAC show:
Thanks to the members who attended the forum on Sunday 29th May after the concert.  We discussed  the team that would be leading our venture into IPAC and the process we will go through to select the show and director.  We welcome any feedback and/or suggestions but remind our members that committee has the final say and we would appreciate your support in the decisions we make – even if it means you’ve  missed out.  We would like this to be a unifying experience for the group.  So please help out where ever you can.

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